- Tomorrow's Rides - 1/21/2018 Listing California Bike Rides en-us  Prs #3: Portola Valley - East Bay Burgess Park on Alma in Menlo Park (map) Description 0 Length: 40 miles; Elevation: 2300 feet; 0 Terrain: 3; Pace: M 0 Not your typical Portola Valley loop, this one’s twice the fun with a double loop!  Meet at Burgess Park on Alma in Menlo Park. Bring money for the coffee stop during the ride. Rain cancels. Please check the FFBC Yahoo! Group on the morning of the ride (or contact one of the ride leaders) if rain threatens. 0 RidewithGPS URL: 0 TBD : 0 2018, 8:30am – 1:00pm  Show and Go - East Bay Meet near the Sprouts Farmers Market at Jarvis Ave and Newark Blvd (Newark). (map) DescriptionLength: 20-50 miles Terrain: 2,3,4; Pace: M, B Show and go. TBD 2018, 8:30am – 12:30pm  Lap 03 Edgewood, Olive Hill, Huddart Park - East Bay 2 Marshlands Road, Fremont (near Don Edwards Visitor Center Restrooms) (map) Description 0 MILEAGE/ELEVATION GAIN: 44/2026’ 0 PACE: T, M 0 LAP03 takes us over the Bay, to sample scenic Peninsula roads. We will meet at Don Edwards and cross the Dumbarton Bridge. Remember to use the upper parking lot and meet at the restrooms near the Visitor Center! 0 This time we will ride behind Facebook and regroup at Bayfront Park. We will ride through some nice residential neighborhoods to reach Alameda de Las Pulgas and then we will hit the Brewster Bump (a short but steep hill). We climb the neighborhood streets to reach Edgewood Road and eventually return on Canada Road. Our route will climb through the Olive Hill Loop and Huddart Park where we will descend King’s Mountain and Woodside Road. There are some options to reduce climbing. Our well-deserved coffee stop will be at mile 33 in Menlo Park, before returning to the Dumbarton Bridge on Willow. 0 ( 0 We will maintain a Touring through Moderate pace (10 to 16 mph). No drops and regroups as needed. Extreme weather or construction may modify the route and rain cancels. Check FFBC Yahoo! Group, email or call us. 0 0 Cindy Maxwell 408-506-6860 0 Lori Sommer 510-693-8624 0 Ken Goldman  (510) 791-1095 (H) 510-378-5027 (C) 0 2018, 9am – 2pm (Or 100) Del Puerto Canyon Loop From Pleasanton [Rain Date] - East Bay 3!/M/120 See the listing for Sat Jan 20. If that ride was rained out, we will try again today. Contact the ride leader if you aren't sure. Sundaze - Sacramento varied locations (map)

Description Where: Various locations around Auburn, Meadow Vista, Newcastle, Truckee, and many others Description: Moderate rides of at least 40 miles. Can be any kind of terrain from flattish (bike path), rolling hills (Loomis), hilly (Auburn), to extremely hilly (Robinson Flat, Mosquito Ridge Road). Larry Matz
Virginiatown - Sacramento Virginiatown When 43121 0.375 Location Loomis, Loomis Community Park, King Rd and Ong Ride:     45     Rolling      Flexible Leader:     Dale Johnson, 284-5208, Description:    We will do some local roads: down Ridge, Virginiatown, back up Wise, Newcastle, Auburn Folsom and back to the Park. Rain Cancels. Still Looking For A Wild Chicken - Sacramento Grade: D32/C40 Still looking for a replacement for the former Wild Chicken coffee house in downtown Loomis. Starbucks off of Horseshoe Bar Rd. will have to do for now. The long route climbs both hills on Sierra College and most of the rollers on English Colony before the rest stop. The shorter route takes a flatter route to the rest stop. The long route also has a more circuitous route back to the start with a little more climbing. There are several points where you can switch from the long Warmer Toes Ride - Sacramento Grade: E25+ Come out and join us for a warmer afternoon ride. Directions: Meet at Five Points Shopping Center (See Ride List for directions). Leader: Elaine Hens 501-2213 Sulphur Mountain Loop (Gravel And Pavement) - Southern CA Ventura Downtown Museum Parking lot (map) Description45 miles (approximately 10 miles on gravel fire road). 3,200' of climb. Spectctular views! This ride can be done on a road bike. However, a cross or mountain bike with wider tires and more tread are suggested. The gravel portion of Sulphur Mountain is a fire road (not a single-track trail). Suspension is not needed. Most of the climbing on this ride is the 10 miles of gravel. Most of the decent is the downhill section of Sulphur Mountain (windy, steep, and paved). Bring plenty of water and snacks. The first food stop will be in Ojai (30 miles into the ride). Rain or poor road conditions cancels. This is a challenging and rewarding ride. Ride Directors: Sonia Sandomer ( Route Map PLEASE download or print a route map with directions for this ride. Fast And Far Rides - Southern CA Hobert Park, Ventura, CA (map) DescriptionCIBC Guests SignUp and Waiver. REQUIRED of all guests of the Channel Islands Bike Club. 8:00am from Hobert Park in Saticoy. 40-60 miles, 16-20mph, difficult climbing, "C" ride. Go to the Yahoo Webpage at Fast and Far to see and be notified of the weekend rides. To be comfortable riding with this group you should be able to sustain 16 - 20+ mph in a group or pace line on level ground and climb well. Our average ride is 40 - 60 miles and could be longer. This is NOT a no drop ride. Route description sent out by email from the yahoo groups site. Lake Casitas Remote (Ojai) *Northern County Ride* - Southern CA Vons, 1125 Maricopa Highway, Ojai, CA (map) DescriptionCIBike Guests SignUp and Waiver. REQUIRED of all guests of the Channel Islands Bike Club. 0 9:30am, 23 miles, B ride, no one dropped. Vons (Ojai) to Lake Casitas and Foster Park and returning via Creek Road to Camp Comfort and finally back to Vons. A option of a longer 33-40 mile route available. Sweeper- Fawzi of the Ojai Valley Cyclists.. 0 NOTE: On hot summer days the ride may be moved to the coast. Please call ride leader Fawzi Emad at 240-353-9599 (cell) to check ride status. 0 Garmin Route Map Ojai Cyclists Webpage Janus Sequential Centuries – Day Two - Southern CA See above for background on these centuries. Today is the clockwise route. Its the reverse of yesterday so it starts with the downhill on Potrero. Then its on to Ventura and up to Ojai, over Dennison Grade to Santa Paula and over Grimes Canyon to Moorpark and back. Although more of the climbing is in the 2nd half of the ride today, it tends to be less steep than day one and I feel it is a little easier. In the years I rode both days, I usually had a faster time on the 2nd day despite being tired from riding day one. This is the official century of the month for January, and (like last year) we now also offer metric centuries to accompany our monthly centuries. The metric route stays with the full century for the first 32 miles and cuts straight over to the Moorpark area to rejoin the full century on the final few miles of the return. This metric century cuts out much of the climbing of the full century. NOTE:  We are only offering a metric century on the 2nd day because I thought most metric century riders would not want to go UP Potrero which a reverse of today’s metric century would do. However, if you want to ride a metric both days, you could simply reverse today’s metric route. START: The start location today is the same as day one  see above.  (Full Century 100 mi and 5100 ft, Metric Century 64 mi and 2500 ft)