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SRCC Free Lunch Ride
I did not do an exact count, but there were probably over two dozen riders at the start. I had considered declaring the Free Lunch Ride officially cancelled, with a plan to reschedule at some later date, but I think enough folks showed up that we constituted a quorum, and that, coupled with the already crowded club calendar thru April, May, and June, makes me feel that this was in fact the official, one-and-only running of the FLR this year. (Apologies and commiserations to all those whose FLR burrito vouchers have thus been rendered valueless, but when it comes to the weather, sometimes life isn't as fair as we wish it might be.) Those who did show up, shoved off bravely into the face of very iffy weather. We didn't have long to wait before Mother Nature turned iffy into a certainty: halfway up West Dry Creek, we got absolutely bombed on by a gully washer. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was long enough and hard enough to get everyone soaked to the skin. After a brief flirtation with sun or clearing, the rain resumed around Canyon, and by Geyserville, everyone was in full bail-out mode, picking whatever route got them back to Healdsburg quickest. I think the most miles recorded by anyone would have been in the low 30s. But most folks were still cheerful enough when we regrouped at el Sombrero, and a little food and dry socks went a long way toward turning it into a good day. Still, I think most of us were happy to find the weather better on Sunday, and we made up for our bad ride Saturday with a good one on one or the other of the club rides on that day. And if you think the 30 miles of rain on the FLR ride was dismal, consider the club members who were doing the Solvang Double on the same day: probably 150 miles of rain...

Reporter: Bill

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