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ID   96
Bike Against the Odds: Breast Cancer Fund
Sunday morning it felt like getting ready for a fall league softball game in why am I doing this? Before I leave the house my lense pops out and I have to change lenses. Then as I am riding down Broadway my chain comes off! On my way again my front wheel makes noises but I keep going and register at Fairyland for the ride. Excellent map and off I go only to stop at a stop sign outside a church off Grand where a female minister blesses my bike with water and rosemary. The front wheel noises continue and I make various adjustments. I stop at my house and regroup; then head up Old Tunnel on my way to Redwood Road. Noises in wheel go away. I go down Redwood and then up Pinehurst to Canyon where I head east to Moraga. From Moraga to Orinda is a busy stretch of road and I follow a group of good riders. The tall attractive blonde points out hazards on the roadway as we ride but just past Orinda she hits a rock and goes down. OK but scraped up. I stop for the first time at a rest stop on Bear Creek Road run by Left Coast Cyclery and load up on Cliff Shots. I head up San Pablo Dam road to go around the 3 Bears. I am starting to feel the ride and notice no one else is doing this loop. I only saw two other riders on the entire loop which i manage and return to the same Bear Creek rest stop where I rest because Wild Cat Canyon Rd is next. It is starting to hurt and then in Tilden instead of the one mile up 10% South Park Drive I go around the way we have gone and add 5 extra miles to this ride and still have that long climb to Grizzley Peak. Now my left leg is in pain but at the top of Grizzley and S Park is a rest stop run by women from a health spa who wear tight white tops and have ample breasts. Or I was delusional at that point. I head along Grizzley to Skyline and consider heading down Tunnel and going home. But I continue to Snake, Mountain, Park to the Lake and around to Fairyland. I am beat,beat,beat and can hardly walk. I pick up my goodie bag, grab a bite and then ride slowly back to my house. All told 75 miles, Approx. 5 hours and 50 minutes total. Well I always dreamed of doing this ride but it is a butt kicker. My leg recovered Monday so all is well.

Reporter: Bill Kaufner

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