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 On The Road

by Bill Oetinger

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Date Title
12/1/2018 Wazy Crazy
11/1/2018 Top Ten Riders of 2018
10/1/2018 Simon Says...the Future is Now
9/1/2018 Rising from the Ashes…We Did it!
8/1/2018 Tour de France Revisited
7/1/2018 Distracted Driving…again
6/1/2018 Froome at the Top
5/1/2018 Mr Bill’s Springtime Non-predictions
4/1/2018 Degrees of Phredness
3/1/2018 Gung Hay FAT Choy
2/1/2018 The Fun-O-Meter
1/1/2018 Top Ten Wrap-up for 2017
12/1/2017 More thoughts on Bike Lanes
11/1/2017 Indian Summer, one year later
10/1/2017 Froome doubles down
9/1/2017 The California Roll, Idaho Style
8/1/2017 Sky High at the Tour de France
7/1/2017 More is Less
6/1/2017 Heroes of the Giro
5/1/2017 The Nearly-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players
4/1/2017 The Long and Winding Bike Path
3/1/2017 Another Benchmark Birthday
2/1/2017 Pay Attention
1/1/2017 Bright spots in dark times
12/1/2016 Bill’s Top Ten for 2016
11/1/2016 Indian Summer
10/1/2016 Sky King comes back to earth
9/1/2016 Riding through history
8/1/2016 Sky King flies again
7/1/2016 Who put the “car” in “carnage”?
6/1/2016 The Giro d’Italia and the Tour of California
5/1/2016 Spring forward!
4/1/2016 Red Tape Revisited
3/1/2016 Red tape happens
2/1/2016 Napa County proposes red tape traps for cyclists
1/1/2016 Top Ten (plus) of 2015
12/1/2015 But wait there's more
11/1/2015 It’s not always about the miles
10/1/2015 The Vuelta does it again
9/1/2015 The not-column
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