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Thursday Night Rides '98

Thursday Night Regulars - 1998
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Richard W


John Jackson


Hey Wayne, Slow Down!!! <---  Here's a photo of last Thursdays ride....Just kidding (it's actually the Amstel Gold race in Europe).  We don't usually get this many riders... Contacts:
Our Fearless Leaders

Wayne Kellam

John Jackson
Wayne Kellam
John Jackson

Oct 8th 1998
Only three riders tonight, Wayne - Tom and Rich Grimm.  Tom broke a shifter cable 5 miles into the ride and had to return.  Wayne and Rich completed the ride before dark.  We will definitely ride next week.

Sept 24th 1998
I was unable to attend....sorry, no report

Sept 17th 1998
John riding his bikeNice ride tonight.....Willowside School out to Green Hill Rd and back to the bike paths and Santa Rosa.  A little windy going out but pretty fast and fun coming back.  We had four riders who all stayed together and enjoyed the late summer ride.

John and Wayne hit the Vietnam restaurant afterward, while Robert (see photo above) had a flat about a mile from the end and walked home (sometimes it happens).  We almost tried the new bike path starting at Occidental Road heading north, but it was not open yet (will open this Saturday).

Come on out next Thursday and ride that bike.......

Sept 10th 1998
Tonight we had John and Wayne (our leaders) along with Robert, John and Tom.  The ride on Chalk Hill out to Hwy 128 and back was great.  Very nice weather, a moderate+ pace and great conversation.  It's starting to get darker near the end of these Thursday Night Rides, so we will probably be shortening them soon.   Come on out for an end of season ride next week...........It will be raining soon.........

8-27-98 Ride Group
Tom, Rich, Wayne
John and Richard

Aug 27th 1998
Here's a photo of most of tonight's group.  We did the River Road to Rio Nido ride in lovely weather.  No mishaps to report.

John says we will be riding at least through September on Thursday nights, so come on out and join us.  It's a good workout, with friendly riders.

Aug 13th & 20th 1998
I was gone on Vacation.  Forward me a report, if you were there..........

Aug 6th 1998
No report - I couldn't make the ride since my daughter was getting married on Aug 8th and the bachelor party was tonight.  Send me E-Mail if you were there.

July 30th 1998
There were five of us tonight who rode from Cotati to Middle Two Rock Road and back Pepper, Mecham, Stony Point, Sierra.  We averaged 15.5 MPH with a head-wind the 1st half and a nice tail-wind the second.

Frank Hamlin came along for his first Thursday night ride and enjoyed it, I think (thanks Frank).  Word has it that Ellen is planning on doing the Davis Double next May.  Better get on the road now, two hundred miles is a long way.

Where the hell were our ride leaders tonight?  They didn't show............. Oh well, they deserve the night off once in a while.  See you all next week.

July 23rd 1998
We left the River Road Park-N-Ride at 5:30 with great weather and 6 riders tonight.  The route took us west on River and then Slusser to Eastside, Wohler to Westside, River to Martinelli, 116 to Covey, River back to the start.

Pretty fast ride but the group stayed together.  This is a great group to ride with.  Richard has a new bike computer, it tells his cadence, speed, heart rate and a bunch more stuff.   While crossing the Russian River it informed us that his stocks hit an all-time high, he had E-mail and high tide tomorrow is at 6:47 AM.  He's at home right now downloading the entire ride onto his computer.  Gotta get one of those.................

July 16th 1998
Had five riders tonight with warm weather to start but it cooled-off nicely.  Pretty ride from Willowside out to the Analy HS bikepath, Mill Station, Graton, Green Hill, Occidental, bikepath, Joe Rodota Trail and back on Fulton Rd.

I almost got nailed by a car at Graton and Green Hill, but luckily he missed me.  This was probably an M/B pace but the riders waited for any slow-pokes (me).  Take note of the 5th Thursday ride this month starting at the Cotati Vets.

July 9th 1998
I missed it and no one sent me any comments.

July 2nd 1998
We only had three riders tonight, probably due to the holiday weekend.   The route this week was Sonoma Mtn Rd - R on Pressley/Roberts - R on Petaluma Hill - R on Crane Canyon/Grange - R on Bennett Valley.  It was a nice evening workout with great weather.  Come on out next week.

June 25th 1998
Here's a report from John J:

You missed a really nice ride; we did the long one out to Rio Nido and back through Forestville. Small group: Wayne, myself, Rich Grimm, Rich Winegartner, someone else whose name I've forgotten (I think Robert) and a new person, Christie Brown, who decided we were going too fast and turned back before the bridge.

They've re-paved the park 'n ride at River Road, and some other stretches out by the Airport have been redone, making for a nice ride. Wayne got a flat on Old River, just to keep us honest. No sign of Cathy, though that's just as well, as none of us probably could have kept up with her.

Then three of us went for burritos in Larkfield, as tradition requires.

Wayne's going to be on vacation for the next week, but I hope to see you next Thursday.

John Jackson

Thursday Nights are Great
Wayne, Tom,
Richard, Vin and
John (L-R)

June 18th 1998
Big crowd tonight, even a tandem came along.  Nice weather, good company, MB pace - what else can you ask for.

I had a little problem with a cut tire about halfway,  but managed to nurse it on home with no flat.   See ya next week........

June 11th 1998
Had six riders today and we went from San Miguel School out Chalk Hill to 128 and back.  Pretty fast pace, thanks to Cathy.  Molly, John, Richard, Dave and Tom rode.

Come Ride with us next Thursday

Wayne and Dave
Wayne &

June 4th 1998
Today we went from the corner of Bennett Valley Road, south on Sonoma Mountain Road, Left on Enterprise and left on Bennett Valley back to the start.  Only 11.8 miles but some pretty good climbing on Sonoma Mountain Road.  There were five riders who enjoyed the trip.

126 MPHHighlight of the ride was the incredible speed John attained.  In case you can't read it, John's speedometer reads 126 MPH for his maximum speed.


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